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General Defense Litigation: Defending Personal Injury Matters For Clients In Massachusetts

In today's challenging economy, businesses need to aggressively protect their assets. When patrons are injured at your establishment, it can lead to costly litigation. This can significantly impact your bottom line and negatively impact the reputation of your business. If you own, manage or operate a commercial enterprise such as an ambulance or air transport or retail business such as a hotel, restaurant or golf course, you need a skilled defense attorney when an accident occurs.

The experienced attorneys at Gervais and Davenport, P.C., have extensive litigation experience and can prepare an aggressive defense if someone is injured at your place of business.

• Premises liability • Slip and fall • Accidents involving vertical transportation, such as elevators and escalators
• Automobile or ambulance accidents • Golf cart accidents • Toxic torts • Negligent supervision of employees

Every case is unique with its own specific problems that must be addressed. Our general defense attorneys counsel clients through the various steps of the litigation process, from negotiating a possible settlement to defending clients in the courtroom.

Gervais and Davenport, P.C., can help you achieve a positive outcome when your business or personal future is on the line. Call 781-395-2215 today to request a free consultation.

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