Contract Law

Gervais and Davenport has extensive experience assisting clients to create, evaluate, and resolve business relationships as reflected in contract agreements. We can help you create agreements that are effective and defensible, and help you resolve issues arising from contract interpretations, non-delivery, or conflicts.

Business Affiliations and Agreements

Contract Review and Interpretation

Drafting Proposals

Defense Against Lawsuits for Breach of Contract

Mergers and Acquisitions

The creation and administration of good contracts helps to build business relationships and insure success. The basis of contract law is one of the cornerstones of a civilized society engaging in free enterprise. While business can still be conducted at discretion "on a handshake", complex relationships that will persist over time are best put into writing and ratified by both parties to increase the likelihood of success in the ongoing relationship, and provide for means by which to address problems that may occur in a constructive manner.

One of the main values of competent, experienced legal consul in drafting, interpreting or defending against contract breaches is avoiding mistakes due to lack of reference to past databases and history of contracts and problem resolutions. At Gervais and Davenport we can advise and assist your success based on a thorough understanding of local law and practice and relevant events that can guide good contract practice. Ambiguities, terms that based on obsolete laws and requirements, and weak language that is not specific enough to avoid misunderstanding are some of the pitfalls that can be avoid by using good counsel to create good contracts.

We can assist your company in matters relating to:

Real Estate Contracts

• Purchases • Sales • Property Agreements • Lease Agreements • Trust Agreements

Business Contracts

• Acquisitions • Business Sales • Purchase and Sale of Goods and Services • Brokerage Agreements • Agency Agreements

Contract Disputes

• Breach of Contract • Failure of Consideration • Taking A Deposition Without Filing Suit

Gervais and Davenport, P.C., can help you guide your business relationships through good contract law practices. Call 781-395-2215 today to request a free consultation for any matters involving Contract Law.

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