Automotive Accident and Injury Defense

If you have been involved in an automobile, motorcycle, truck or bus accident and a legal defense issue arises, consult us for expert legal defense.

Gervais and Davenport has earned the regional reputation of an effective and tireless defense partner in protecting you from unfavorable outcomes in matters of:

Personal Injury

Property Damage

Vehicular Violations and Accusations

Defense Against Lawsuits Seeking Damages

License to Operate Defense or Reinstatement

Determining who is legally responsible, or at fault, for a car accident can be a difficult process. If you are a defendent in a suit brought against you, you need to be aware of the mitigating circumstances that can be considered in your defense. These conditions vary from state to state and can have an important impact on the result.

The plaintiff bringing a lawsuit or making an insurance claim for damages must first prove that the defendent was negligent. But even if the plaintiff can do this, the defendant can still avoid partial or full liability by establishing shared responsibility for the accident.

The systems of comparative and contributory negligence in car accidents are designed to deal with situations in which both parties have contributed to the accident, in some form having been negligent in the circumstances involved. As an example, if you are unable to stop when a pedestrian darts in front of your car and the pedestrian is not in a crosswalk, the accident responsibility might be defined as a shared responsibility, even though in many states and many circumstances the court would consider by default that the motor vehicle operator had the primary responsibity for the accident.

Our experience in automotive accident defense can help you prepare an effective case to support plaintiff responsibility or present mitigating circumstances in a manner that will be favorably considered by the court in the location in which the trial is taking place

Gervais and Davenport, P.C., is also highly experienced in defending drivers in cases of license suspension or in a petition for reinstatement. Before communicating with other parties, counsel or the court, we highly suggest a free consultation which will help you understand how to proceed in order to protect your rights and achieve the most favorable outcome.

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