Gervais & Davenport: Medical Malpractice and Medical Licensing Defense Specialists

Gervais & Davenport is a law firm that specializes in the defense of doctors, nurses, hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare providers. We represent clients at the Federal and State court levels, as well as before professional licensing boards.

Experience and quality are the key foundations to our law practice. With more than 30 years of experience working with the healthcare and insurance industries, Gervais & Davenport provide high quality legal representation by skilled and seasoned trial attorneys. We understand and appreciate the complexity of medical malpractice issues, and with our staff of trial attorneys and a clinically experienced nurse-attorney, we are able to effectively provide solutions to difficult medical and legal matters.

In addition to malpractice issues, Gervais & Davenport also have concentrations in contract law, products liability and will and estates matters. Gervais & Davenport practice law in the state of Massachusetts. Board of Registration matters and other state-specific legal procedures generally require a defence attorney to have a specific license for the state in which the proceedings take place. Contract law and other matters not specific to trial or review in a state court or state board do not require an attorney to have a license for any specific state.

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